Good for your business, great for your customers

Leverage Scription service contracts to grow your business and transform your maintenance efficiency

Offer your customers personalized equipment protection

Bundle all equipment maintenance services into a fixed monthly fee

Reactive Service
Preventive Maintenance
Pre-Scheduled Part Changes
Troubleshooting and Support
Remore Triage
Pre-Emptive Repair

Our simple three step process

We Generate the PERSONALIZED offer

The platform connects to your maintenance management system and calculates pricing for the maintenance plans using historical maintenance data


Receive commission on monthly premium and provide the aftermarket M&R to the restaurant

AUTOMATICALLY File claims and maintain compliance

We enable a fast and easy digital claims process for reimbursements on M&R calls, and we maintain program compliance

Enabling Service Partner Business Transformation

Current State
Transformed State
Service Response Times​
24-hour standard​
Negative time response
Service Labor Efficiency​
Spare Parts Inventory​
< 1 to 2 inventory turns
4 to 8 inventory turns
Predictive Service​
Reactive Service
Proactive Service
First-Time Fix Rate​
65-85% FTF
85-99% FTF​
Training/ Knowledge​
Time to Tech proficiency >1 year​
Time to Tech proficiency <3 months​
Service Management​
KPI’s absent or unreliable​
Data-driven decision making​
Customer Experience​
No portals, reports, or insights ​
Portals and transparent reporting

We put our decades of Field Service experience to work

We work directly with aftermarket service companies to help them transform their service offerings​; we focus on a collaborative model to find end-to-end solutions

+25K USD
+40K USD
+70K USD

Scription is an innovator in the maintenance industry who can build efficiencies in your operation through our unique business model

your serviceable asset base and market share with a competitive new product offer
Average field service efficiency improvement
differentiated product offer to be more competitive in the marker
Average commission on topline monthly premium

Instant Personalized Plans

Scription's leverages millions of data points to calculate the best rates for you and your customers within a few minutes

Drive Recurring Revenue

You receive a portion of monthly topline premium, which goes straight to your bottom line

Make your Customers Happy

Peace of mind, powerful service technology, and high quality support will delight your customers

Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have maintenance data, can I still sell plans?

We leverage machine learning to draw knowledge from our data to fit yours. Meaning, even if you don’t have data, we do. We can still tailor plans for you this way.

I don't see my industry, does that mean I sell plans?

Yes, we can cover most types of equipment in the commercial and industrial industry, just reach out to one of our business representatives and we can walk you through it.

How do Service Partners make money?

Our Service Partners receive a revenue share for every maintenance plan sold. 

How do I file a claim?

We make filing claims simple and easy with our digital claims process or through our service team. When filing a claim with Scription, you will simply need to open or search for the relevant service order, and raise it as a claim. 

Is there a minimum business size requirement to offer plans?

There is no specific size requirement, but we do require our Service Partners to have the capacity to provide the aftermarket service relationship for the plans. This will involve a short review of your technician numbers, work order volume, and a few other factors. 

How does Scription make money?

Scription collects a service fee on the maintenance plans sold. At the time of the sale, there are two ways to handle the finances: First is with the Service Partner collecting the full price of the plan, which includes the premium, Scription’s service fee, and the Service Partner margin. Scription later bill for the premium and service fee, and Service Partner’s keep the margin. Second, Scription can collect the full price of the plan, and send the Service Partner their margin directly. 

Have any other questions? Contact us.