Worry-free service contracts that protect commercial equipment

Fixed-Price Service Contracts

An offer that bundles all equipment maintenance services into a fixed monthly fee

Reactive Service

Coverage for unexpected equipment breakdowns and service

  • Parts
  • labour
  • travel
Preventive Maintenance

Since equipment downtime is now a negative outcome for the Service Partners, prevention and reduction of equipment breakdown severity of of key interest

  • pre-scheduled part changes
  • cleaning
  • checkups
Troubleshooting and Operational Support

In a subscription model the Service Partners are incentivized to maximize uptime by using knowledge of the machine to support the operators

  • Remote Triage
  • Self-fix
  • pre-emptive repair

Operating Leases

Add to your fixed-price contract the financing of new equipment and equipment upgrades

New Equipment Financing

Wrap in the lease cost with the fixed-price service contract

Equipment Upgrades

Wrap in financing for equipment upgrades with the fixed-price service contracts

Instant Personalized Plans

Scription's leverages millions of data points to calculate the best rates for you and your customers within a few minutes

Recurring and Hassle-Free

Perpetual coverage and predictability around owning and operating commercial equipment

Better Equipment Utilization

Subscription plans lead to reduced equipment downtime and reduced total cost of equipment ownership

Customer Experience

Powerful service technology and high quality support will bring peace of mind and satisfaction

Compare the models

FPSC = Fixed Price Service Contract
Operating Lease
Platform and Technology
Reactive Service
Preventive Maintenance
Troubleshooting and Operational Support
New Equipment Financing
Equipment Upgrades