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Your equipment uptime is our bottom line.

Insurance-backed subscription maintenance plans that provide peace of mind and up to 3x less equipment breakdowns

By next year we're on track to impact
in assets
commercial locations

Scription is changing the maintenance industry from an hourly rate to a subscription model

Quick setup
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Quick to set up and easy to manage
Great Benefis
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Stable costs and no surprises
Quality Programs
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Digitally Native
Streamlined claims and service delivery

Hourly Maintenance

Charged on a parts and labour rate, resulting in no incentive to respond quickly or repair the equipment efficiently
  • Costly and Frequent Maintenance
  • High Cost of Downtime
  • Highly Variable Maintenance Costs
  • neglected preventive maintenance

Subscription Plans

All services required to maintain equipment are bundled together, whether the equipment is off-the-shelf or already installed
  • Parts, Labour and Travel
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Insurance and Service Level Agreements
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We offer maintenance companies the only end-to-end solution for pricing, selling, and managing personalized maintenance contracts

Service and Work Order Management

The one-stop-shop for generating, logging and analyzing work orders

Dispatch and Scheduling

Efficient and organized service scheduling with notifications, visualizations, and collaborative tools

Mobile Technician App

User-friendly mobile solution for seamless work order completion and consistent data entry

Inventory and Logistics

Optimization of inventory management in warehouses, service vans, and forward stocking locations

Intelligent Pricing and Claims

Subscription plan pricing accessible in a few clicks, and a digital claims process that links to specific work orders


Increase your service business potential

Use our differentiated product offer to be highly competitive in the market


Your serviceable asset base and market share with a competitive new product offer


In expected efficiency gains

Instant Personalized Plans

Scription's leverages millions of data points to calculate the best rates for you and your customers within a few minutes

Drive Recurring Revenue

You receive a portion of monthly topline premium, which goes straight to your bottom line

Make your Customers Happy

Peace of mind, powerful service technology, and high quality support will delight your customers

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my equipment is eligible for plans?

Scription covers all kinds of equipment in multiple industries. Generally, any product that is susceptible to regular service and maintenance is eligible for a protection plan.

How long does it take to integrate Scription?

We connect via API to most ERPs within minutes, and we have an excellent support team that can work directly with you. 

How do Service Partners make money?

Our Service Partners receive a revenue share for every maintenance plan sold. 

How do I file a claim?

We make filing claims simple and easy with our digital claims process or through our service team. When filing a claim with Scription, you will simply need to open or search for the relevant service order, and raise it as a claim. 

Who insures the protection plans?

Scription works with a network of top rated insurance companies to underwrite the maintenance plans we offer. By working with a number of different insurers, we can match products to the best protection plans, optimized for price, term, and type of service. By tailoring protection plans for the Service Partner’s individual products and customers, we ensure that our partners can maximize purchase conversion, revenue, and most importantly, make their customer happy.

How does Scription make money?

Scription collects a service fee on the maintenance plans sold. At the time of the sale, there are two ways to handle the finances: First is with the Service Partner collecting the full price of the plan, which includes the premium, Scription’s service fee, and the Service Partner margin. Scription later bill for the premium and service fee, and Service Partner’s keep the margin. Second, Scription can collect the full price of the plan, and send the Service Partner their margin directly. 

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